21 December 2016

Lovely grainy goodness,
shot on the Canon AE-1 with Kodak Tri-X 400
for Sundays on Film.  

07 December 2016

A few photos from a rad little drive down to Blairgowrie for a dip in the ocean. 
I always thought that rock jump looked big in photos, and then when we got there it didn't look so tall. Once I climbed to the top to jump off, it was big again. Real big. 
After a swim and an amazing picnic with my fiancee, we drove to a Christmas tree farm and picked out a nice little bug filled tree. (our bug friends came out to say hello once we got home)

01 December 2016

Here is my first shot at going out and shooting at night using the Mamiya Universal with Portra 400 120 film. I didn't have a light meter so I was pretty much guessing and going off what I had read on Google. I'm really looking forward to going out and doing more.