26 April 2009

i'm no petrol head or car freak but i really miss my old beast 1978 holden HJ sandman
where are you now friend?

19 April 2009

i just found an old picture of me and my mate tony rockin out..

03 April 2009

me being an art fag -
tim armstrongmike nessaudrey hepburn - paper cut

05 March 2009

jimmy the mad dog was on the goldy for a few days - good times were had back tails that slide for daysdemo dave skates like a possessed devil wild man!!

22 February 2009

found our way back to see this old girl, paris, france ?yumtight parks in paristhe louvrekrissy getting serious about the artpopular paintingthe catacombs, l'Ossuaire Municipal over 3 million parisian bones buried 30 meters under the city in unused quarries very spookynotre damnlost
when in paris  -

arc de triomphe champs elyseessecond level of the eiphel towertime to leave, very sadhomeward bound

17 February 2009

next stop was bern, switzerland so radical
view from our roompedro in the bear pit