29 January 2015

japan pt5

new years eve in tokyo

we found a small bar in the golden gai,  shinjuku

we got real drunk

things got wild

such an amazing night with complete strangers that couldn't speak english. thanks nishi

28 January 2015

japan pt4

things around kyoto

view from our ghetto room

kinkaku-ji "temple of the golden pavilion"

kyoto imperial palace

fushimi inari shrine

vanilla and green tea ice-cream with rice balls and red beans - yum

7am air bnb rooftop smooch 

awesome breakfast before jumping on the shinkansen back to tokyo

21 January 2015

japan pt3

day trip from kyoto to nara

the bus sucked

hand warmers



snacking on a sweet potato

thanks for posing for this nice photo buddy

yakushi-ji temple

this guy snatched a map from a girls hands, then ate it