22 February 2008

best birthday present ever. a plastic camera named holga. it takes the best artfag photos. i love it. thankyou slippy wallbanger xoxox

21 February 2008

13 February 2008


hotel room party
view from room

this dude was so happy to draw dan
its so big
arc de triomph. this is really big too.

lost on the metro
tower during the day

half way up
from the top of the eiffel tower
it was so cold and windy

smoochin at the top

jim morrison
hangin out with jim

lookin for jim

we didn't have a fridge so this kept them nice and cold

notre dame, didn't see any hunch backs though
even had mayo on our fries

08 February 2008

la canna coffee shop
drinking hoegaarden at belushis
the guys toilets at belushis
more drinkin
picture of angus on the wall
me holding up a building
a canal in the red light district. if the girls or pimps see you taking photos they beat you up

teasers, the worst bar in the world! we paid over $30 for two beers
outdoor dunny
got the munchies? every second shop is a bakery like this

train to paris

view from our room

ice carvings with pom poms

dam square


most buildings were made on an angle so they could pull the funiture up by hooks coming out of the roof

everybody rides bikes here
its crazy how many their are
waiting at the station

train to paris